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「良いモノ」と一言で言っても、インターネットでは直にモノに触れて直接感じることが出来ないモノの持つ魅力を、使用して感じたことをなるべく飾らず伝えられるようにと考えています。「This is good」シンプルな言葉ですが、理想の暮らしの中で「これいいね」と感じて永く使ってもらえるモノをご紹介していけたらと思っています。

coreine is a wonderful thing, whether domestic or foreign, mainly on things that are good for everyday use. It is not special, things that enrich your mind a little in your daily life. Koreine named it from the words "I like this", which comes out naturally when she sees a good thing, or at the moment it gets it.

Even if it says "good things", I think that it is possible to convey as much as possible the things that you feel when using it, with the appeal of things that you can not touch and feel directly on the Internet. "This is good" This is a simple word, but I would like to introduce something that you feel is "like" in your ideal life and that you can use for a long time.

By doing so, I think that you will be able to blend in with your life without discomfort after using it in light of your daily life. "This is good" This is a simple word, but in the world of good things, it is hard to say things that have never been seen, but we will deliver things that make you feel a little bit happy.

coreine / コレイネ

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