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fabulous goose ふぁぶらす
coreine コレイネ coreine コレイネ coreine コレイネ








The best blanket made of organic cotton that is gentle to the skin and does not contain any harmful chemicals for use by sensitive babies. At the moment I got it, I doubted it was really cotton? It was so nice to touch that it was so nice that you would believe it if you were given the word "cashmere". I started using it during the winter season, but it was very warm, and the thickness of the fabric was just right so that even a sleeping baby could feel at ease. Since it's cotton, you can wash it at home if it gets dirty, so it feels like you are using it without worrying about dirt rather than using it carefully. Especially since it often gets dirty in areas where you don't expect it to be used for babies and children, it is very important that you can use it with peace of mind even if you are using a good one! It has been washed many times, but the usability remains the same and soft. The cute design with humor that makes you want to give it to your baby is matched by the color of the Scandinavian atmosphere, which makes it very relaxing. Of course, I used it indoors, but I used a 70 cm x 100 cm size that is easy to carry when I go out, so when it gets cold, I can use it on the outside of a hug string or use it on the stroller's knees, etc. A blanket that is so easy to use.